This video documents various London parks and the general public going about

their daily routines. Orange wrapped gym equipment takes the appearance of ravers

stuck mid-dance. Fortified monoliths are upturned by the people into eerie places of


Filmed over the year 2020 - and tugging at the fringes of rave - the iconic HERAS fence

became repurposed as a pandemic object by local councils in an attempt to stop

people exercising on outdoor gym equipment.

‘Wearing it Wrong EP’ is the second release from record label HERAS, founded by

London based rag-tag collective Sports Banger. Written and recorded four years ago

over three days at Devon Analogue. Mat Playford rides synth, Special Request bangs

drums, Jonny Banger loads samples, Tommy D plasters walls. Engineered by Trish

Lad. Mastered at Curve.

Pigeons fly in and out of the COOP.

Concept Jonny Banger

Filmed & Directed by Sam McFadden

Edited by Jonny Banger, Sam McFadden & Matt Harrimann

Colourist John O'Riordan @pundersonsgardens

Heras bodysuit by Charlie McCosker for Sports Banger & image by Henry Mills